Opening older models in current version

One of the reasons behind the new GUI is that a lot of engineers were telling us: „IDEA StatiCa Connection needs to be more error-proof”. These “errors” are usually related to:

  • Setting correct length of members – in cases of extremely short or long members, this can hugely influence the results. Since version 9, IDEA StatiCa Connection automatically sets an appropriate length of all members.
  • Welds – stress plastic redistribution is by far the most accurate design method for welds and was introduced in version 7.1. During version 8 – and as a transition period - it was the default method, coexisting with the other evaluation methods. Since version 9, this method is the only option available and the other evaluation methods have been removed, to avoid confusion among the users, as we have seen through our helpdesk. This ensures that all welds in the project are safely designed and complying with the code.

We have implemented several control mechanisms for IDEA StatiCa Connection since version 9 – automatic control if the connection is modelled in a recommend way (singularity check, member lengths, their offsets, …). If the connection is not modelled properly, calculation is interrupted or an error message is displayed. Please be aware that because of all of these improvements, opening projects from previous versions can lead to a different model geometry that may need some further editing.

We have also improved meshing of hollow sections members – IDEA StatiCa Connection since version 9 generates a finer mesh on hollow section members which might lead to slightly different results compared to older versions.

We display the compatibility warning on each opening of a project from older version:

IDEA StatiCa Connection is a tool based on CBFEM that can design and check connections of any topology and loading. And on top of it, it gives clear recommendations/limits on “how” to do it and what to avoid in connection design. This ensures safety and consistency across all stakeholders involved in the design process.


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