Tips and limitations for exporting from Advance Steel

General recommendations

  • Please note that in IDEA StatiCa Connection are members only beam entities on which loads will be applied. All other beams are defined in a different way. This rule goes in hand with the three-step import procedure. In the imports second step, the members (on which loads will be applied) have to be selected. In the third step all other connection entities have to be selected – plates, bolts, welds and most importantly beams on which loads will not be applied (usually stubs, stiffening members, etc).
  • The best way how to design your connection is to use the previously defined macros from Advance Steel Connection vault menu.
  • Definition of the node is the most important step during the import procedure. The best way how to design the steel construction well prepared to import workflow is to keep the focus on the centerlines of the beams. Always maintain the intersection of beam centerlines which will help you to choose the node easier.

Holes-openings and notches

  • Opening in the members and in the plates are not supported. A workaround is to import the whole joint and manually add Opening as a manufacturing operation in the IDEA StatiCa Connection.

  • Notches of the members are supported but please note that the command Element contour – rule has to be used.

Extending-shortening of the beam

In the IDEA StatiCa the center of the connection is the node. From the node, the length of the member is determined by the bounding box (an automated way how to determine the right length of the member). In the Advance Steel, the beam entity has to be shortened or extended by a command Shorten.


Welds are imported during the third step of the import procedure. If there is a need to add welds manually in Advance Steel the recommended way is to use command Weld point. Please note that the weld entity has to be inserted in the middle edge of welded plate.

From a huge variety of weld types in Advance Steel, IDEA StatiCa supports only:

IDEA StatiCa weld

Advance Steel weld


Flange Butt, DI, V with Counter, X, K, DY, K web, U, HU

Double Fillet

Bevel – Fillet, Fillet – Bevel, HY – Fillet, Fillet – HY, J- Fillet


Every other than specified above



Import of the anchoring joints is nor supported.

A workaround is to import the whole joint and manually add base plate and anchors by the manufacturing operation in IDEA StatiCa Connection.



We recommend to design haunches on a beam by plates and not by members.


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