How to model one bolt connection

How to create and use custom cross-section

Why to use build-up steel cross-section

Equilibrium and supporting member.

How to define load position

How to import load effects from Excel spreadsheet

Bolts are too close to plate edge or outside of the connected plate

Load import from FEA programs

Where is the definition of member length


How does IDEA StatiCa work with CAD applications

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Tips and limitations for exporting from Advance Steel

Opening older models in current version

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Code setup – Stop at limit strain function.

Initial rotational stiffness of a beam with a long haunch

How are welds modeled in IDEA StatiCa

Weld size differences between EC and AISC (CISC) codes

User defined material, bolt grade or something else

Bolt position tips - end plate connection

Check and report

Thin-walled members

How to change analysis type

Equivalent stress above acceptable levels, but check remains OK. Why?

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Distance between plates when using Bolt or Contact.

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Concrete cone failure in accordance with ETAG 001 Annex C

How to export report to MS Word, DXF or PDF files

What is the Singularity?

First impressions

I already have a connection design tool, why to bother with IDEA Connection?

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