FAQ Connection

Geometry Design

How to model one bolt connection

How to create and use custom cross-section

Equilibrium and supporting member.

How to define load position

Where is the definition of member length

How does IDEA StatiCa work with CAD applications

When to use a stiffening member

How to define pre-loaded bolts

Weld size differences between EC and AISC (CISC) codes

User defined material, bolt grade or something else

Check and report General
Thin-walled members

How to change analysis type

Why there are tension forces in bolt in fin plate connection

Distance between plates when using Bolt or Contact

What is the Singularity?

I already have a connection design tool, why to bother with IDEA Connection?

How fast is it to learn IDEA Connection

How do I know that IDEA Connection is safe

Do I have to be a finite element expert to use IDEA Connection?

Who is behind the software and the method

Why is IDEA Connection more expensive than standard tools for connection design?

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