Load import from FEA programs

Equilibrium in the node – important notice

When you perform the import from the FEA programs to IDEA StatiCa Connection, the algorithm finds the values of selected load cases/combinations/classes in the node. Given by the law of mechanics, the equilibrium of the internal forces in the node must be present. Unfortunately, sometimes, the equilibrium is violated during the export.

Unbalance of internal forces after the import to IDEA can happen in following cases:

  • The nodal force was applied into the position of the investigated node. The software cannot detect which member should transfer this nodal force and, therefore, it is not taken into account in the analysis model.

Solution: Do not use nodal forces in global analysis. If necessary, the force must be manually added to a selected member as a normal or shear force.


  • Loaded, non-steel (usually timber or concrete) member is connected to the investigated node. Such member is not considered in the analysis and its internal forces are ignored in the analysis.

Solution: Replace the concrete member with a concrete block and anchorage.


  • The node is a part of a slab or a wall (usually from concrete). The slab or the wall is not a part of the model and its internal forces are ignored.

Solution: Replace the concrete slab or wall with a concrete block and anchorage.


  • Some members are connected to the investigated node via rigid links. Such members are not included in the model and their internal forces are ignored.

Solution: Add these members into the list of connected members manually.


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