Version 10.1

We are really proud to introduce a brand-new version of IDEA StatiCa Connection 10.1. This version brings an exceptional volume of new features and improvements. All that with our focus to enable engineers to work faster, evaluate requirements of the national code thoroughly and use the optimal amount of material.

Version 10

It’s been a long journey since the first release of IDEA StatiCa Connection in 2014. Back then we introduced a novel approach to design and check steel connections. Based on a unique Component-based Finite Element Method, IDEA StatiCa Connection has quickly grown to be a leading solution in this critical part of a modern BIM-based process of steel structures. Building on the momentum from over 2000 customers around the world, we are expanding the design possibilities and speeding up the work by better integrations of IDEA StatiCa into 3rd party software.

Version 9.1

We are proud to present improvements to IDEA StatiCa version 9.1. We did our best to choose the most impactful improvements from the huge amount of feedback and requests we received from you. Parametric templates were implemented so connection templates can adapt to various selections of the cross-sections. New automated checks for error-proof design were implemented. A Code-check Manager has been used to unify working with multiple connections from various FEA/CAD programs.

Version 9.0

After a whole year of hard work, we are proud to show you the next step in IDEA StatiCa Connection 9. We developed a brand new guided user interface (GUI) with a lot of new features which will help you speed up the design and check of the steel connections. Together with the GUI development we push forward on the BIM front line and developed powerful tool for management of the exported connections from CAD and FEA applications. And last we implemented, fixed or developed a lot of minor features, such as direct report export, new models for anchoring or stub manufacturing operation update.

Version 8.2

In 2014, we introduced to structural engineers a new way to design and check all steel connection according to the codes. Since then, over 1000 companies around the world significantly improved their steel connection workflow with IDEA StatiCa Connection. Reaching this milestone recently, this new release of IDEA StatiCa 8.2 is special since 95% of the new things are requests from our customers around the world.

Version 8.1

Version 8.1 is the next chapter in reinventing steel connection design. It has a lot of new features and improvements, the majority of which were inspired by our customers, resellers and partners.

Version 8.0

More options of joint analysis. IDEA Connection provides Stress/strain analysis of the whole joint and stiffness analysis of a connected member. Now we added Member Capacity Design and Design Joint Resistance. The first one is needed for design of structures in seismic regions, the second one helps to understand the safety and capacity of design of the whole joint.

Version 7.1

Version 7.1 brings again more innovations. We were focused to simplification of the program from user point of view and more advanced methods in modeling and check connection parts – welds and bolts.

Version 7.0

Version 7 provides a new function which analyses the stiffness and capacity of a connection of any member in the joint. Complete diagram is generated automatically, is directly displayed in GUI and can be added into the output report. Rotational or axial stiffness can be studied for specific design load. IDEA StatiCa Connection can also deal with the influence of other internal forces.