IDEA StatiCa tutorial – Revit link

Welcome to IDEA StatiCa tutorial. This tutorial will show how to activate and use the link between Revit and IDEA StatiCa Connection.

Activate the link Use the link Known limitations

1 How to activate the link

We have to follow these steps:

  • Install Revit first - make sure you are using a supported version of Revit – updates are published in the BIM section
  • Install Robot Structural Analysis
  • Install Structural Analysis Toolkit for Autodesk Revit ( 2017 2018 )

IDEA StatiCa automatically integrates the BIM link into your CAD/CAE software during its installation. You can check the status and activate more BIM links for later installed software in the BIM link installer.

Open IDEA StatiCa and navigate to the panel BIM and open the BIM link installer. A notification "Run as administrator" may appear, please confirm with the Yes button.


Select the software to integrate the IDEA StatiCa BIM link into, click the Install button and check the Installed status.


2 How to use the link

Open the attached project in Revit.


We have to select the right node and command IDEA StatiCa Connection command from the ribbon.


The import wizard automatically appears. We proceed with the Next command button.


We continue with the Next command button.


We can see imported Load Groups. Let’s continue with the Next command button.


Now we can manage the Combinations. Let’s add a new one by the New command button. We have to select the DL1, LL1 and WIND1 load case and add it to our combination by Right arrow button command.


We can see imported Result Classes. We have to remove the SNOW1, LR1, ACC1, TEMP1 and SEIS1 from the class. Let’s continue with the Finish command button.


3 Design

Automatic data transfer is finished and IDEA StatiCa Connection with the generated project is launched. All members and load effects were added automatically.


We have to define the right manufacturing operation. Let’s start with the right mouse button click on the Operations and select the New operation.


The first manufacturing operation will be the End plate of member.


We have to define the bolt group and diameter.


We change the properties of the operation CUT1 according to the picture below.


In the next step, we use again right-click on Operation and add the manufacturing operation Cleat.


Let’s change the properties for CLEAT1 according to the picture below.


5 Check

We can calculate the analysis right in the Design tab by the Calculate command.


After a while, the results summary will appear at the top left corner of the 3D scene and the Overall check model view is displayed. We can quickly fine-tune the model in case we are not satisfied.


We will choose the Check tab and turn on the Equivalent stress, Mesh and Deformed model view. We can explore the detailed results for the Pre-loaded bolts also, let’s expand the results for the bolt B14.


6 Report

At last, we go to the tab Report. IDEA StatiCa offers a fully customizable report to print out or save in editable format.


7. Revit known limitations

Pay attention to the maximal possible correspondence between the geometry of the Revit model to the analytical model (used to calculate the numerical analysis in the Robot). Due to the differences the results may vary.



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