IDEA StatiCa tutorial – How to combine Tekla Structures and SAP2000

Welcome to IDEA StatiCa tutorial! We will show you how to use IDEA Code-check manager to import a 3D joint model from Tekla Structures and merge it with internal forces imported from a SAP2000 structural joint model (as well as any other supported FEM/CAD software).

Before you start, make sure you have both links activated – there are separate tutorials for this, both for SAP 2000 and Tekla Structures.


We will operate the models using our Code-check manager application which is a BIM tool to export and synchronize connections from other programs. It is launched directly in the 3rd party applications via a command/icon.


Synchronize - IDEA StatiCa detects changes in already imported entities (changes in thickness, changes in cross-section, modification of properties of welds, bolts, etc.) and updates the project in IDEA StatiCa Connection.

Modify - IDEA StatiCa reimports modified items (bolts, welds, plates, added new entities, etc.). If you choose this option, repeat only the last step of selection (select all the remaining entities of the connection except members, such as plates, bolts, and welds).

Calculate - Synchronize and calculate current item and provide a new set of results.

Calculate all - Synchronize and calculate all items and provide new set of results.


Using these commands, we can work with multiple joints within corresponding Tekla Structures and SAP2000 projects. Open the attached projects in Tekla Structures and SAP2000. Here is a video of the whole example:



IDEA StatiCa syncs with a model of the 3rd party application, not the other way around. If we e.g. add operations in IDEA StatiCa and then synchronize a model with the source software, all the changes made in IDEA StatiCa will be lost.


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