IDEA StatiCa tutorial – Joint design resistance (EN)

Welcome to IDEA StatiCa tutorial. This tutorial shows how to use software IDEA StatiCa to model, design and check a structural steel joint and calculate Joint design resistance.


1 New project

Let’s launch IDEA StatiCa Connection and open the project file for this tutorial.


2 Calculation and Check

We start the analysis based on CBFEM by clicking Calculate in the ribbon. Analysis model is automatically generated, calculation is performed.


We can see the Overall check displayed together with basic values of check results.


3 Joint design resistance

We have to Copy the project item first to save the previous work and change the analysis type to DR (Joint design resistance) for the Connection 2.


Now we can calculate the Joint design resistance analysis by Calculate command in the top ribbon.


4 Check

Let’s proceed to the Check tab and Joint design resistance tab in the result tables. The application gives us the factor percentage of load to reach joint design resistance. The figure of percentage increment load to strain dependence is provided also. The values of the Design load and Design resistance is provided to visualize results.

We have designed, code-checked and calculated Joint design connection analysis of a structural steel joint according to Eurocode.



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