IDEA StatiCa tutorial – IDEA StatiCa Viewer for Tekla Structures

This FREE plugin for Tekla Structures allows you to export a steel joint to IDEA StatiCa – the global leader in the design of steel joints according to international codes. Whether you have an IDEA StatiCa license or not, this plugin gives you the option to create an IDEA StatiCa file which you can send to your colleagues.

1 How to activate the plugin

• Download and install the Tekla Structures plugin from Downloads, and double-click the file to install

• Make sure you are using a supported version of Tekla Structures – updates are published in the BIM section

After the installation finishes, the following window will pop-up, and depending on the version(s) of Tekla Structures that you have in your computer, it will inform you which version has been installed.


When you open Tekla Structures, you will see an IDEA StatiCa ribbon with two buttons:


Export to Viewer – Use this if you don't have IDEA StatiCa installed in your PC, but you need to create and send an IDEA StatiCa project file to a colleague that uses IDEA StatiCa. If you have also IDEA StatiCa application installed on your computer and you have activated the BIM link with Tekla Structures in BIM Link Installer, you may see also the second button:

Code-check manager – Use this if you have IDEA StatiCa installed in your PC, and you want to export a connection straight into the desktop application. To see a detailed step-by-step tutorial on how this works, please click here.

2 How to use the plugin

Open the project in Tekla Structures. Then choose IDEA StatiCa in the upper ribbon, Export to Viewer button and choose the design code.


Select the point which represents the node. Then, choose all the structural members of the joint, the first chosen member will be set as the bearing one. Confirm selection with the spacebar.

In the end, select all the remaining entities of the connection such as plates, bolts, and welds. Again, confirm with the spacebar.


Automatic data transfer is finished and IDEA StatiCa Viewer with the generated project is launched (you need an internet connection). We imported the geometry, cross-sections and all needed data from Tekla Structures.


And now you can export connection to 3D DWG file or save it as IDEA StatiCa file.


Watch the following video to see how this works: