Wald F., Šabatka L., Bajer M., Barnat J., Gödrich L., Holomek J., Kabeláč J., Kočka M., Kolaja D., Král P., Kuříková M., Vild M.

Czech Technical University in Prague

Brno University of Technology


The CBFEM (component-based finite element method) is a new method to analyze and design connections of steel structures. The design focused CM (component model) is compared to FEM (finite elements models). The publication introduces Benchmark Cases for Validation and Verification procedures of structural steel joints. The hierarchy of the System response quantity is prepared for welded and bolted connections as well as for column bases. Each Benchmark Case starts with the task description and includes results of prediction by the analytical model according to EN 1993-1-5, references to experiments, validated model and numerical experiments, results of prediction by design Finite Element Analyses described in terms of global behavior and verification of resistance. At the end of the publication, the reader may check his calculation on Benchmark cases prepared for the particular joint. Finite Element Analyses is a current step in design of steel connections, which allows to predict the generally loaded joints with a complex geometry with the same efficiency and accuracy as the traditionally designed connections based on the best engineering practice. Implementation of the FEA models for the structural steel detailing creates the qualitative step as we may see in other areas of engineering.


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About the main author:

František Wald is professor and Head of the Department of Steel and Timber Structures at Czech Technical University in Prague. During his rich professional career, he participated in ten European projects on connection design and several other projects focused on component method, column bases, steel and concrete connections, fire design, and the advanced finite element analysis. He has been working in ECCS TC 10 Structural joints and in Project team for preparation of EN199-3-8 version 2020. Professor Wald is in charge of European Erasmus Mundus Master Course SUSCOS_M Sustainable Constructions under natural hazards and catastrophic events. He also works in CEN Working Group for EN1991-1-2 and EN1993-1-3 and chaired the COST TU0904 Action Integrated fire engineering and response.


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WALD, František, et al. Benchmark cases for advanced design of structural steel connections. Czech Technical University Prague, 2016. ISBN 978-80-01-05826-8, 127 pages.


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